Here's everything that's new under v1028
- New Bid Spread Module:
You can now see the total collection bids for every collection as well as the size, unique bidders, and the total amount in ETH.
- Improved the Tokens Module:
We've added the collection info on the top left section of the Tokens Module. You can now hover your mouse over the collection name to access 3rd-party links and read the description. You can also close the the collection info pop up with ESC or by clicking anywhere outside the pop up.
- New Default Layout:
Redesigned the default layout and adjusted the height of side modules. Since the Collection Info module is now part of the Tokens Module you have more real estate to further customize each layout.
- Bug Fix:
We've fixed a bug that broke some gallery items under the Tokens table in some responsive states.
- Bug Fix:
We've fixed a bug that made the expanded arrow for KPIs to disappear on mobile.
As a reminder you can submit a bug report here or suggest a feature here.