Here's everything that's new under v1027
- Activity Module Improvements:
You can now see whether each holder sold in profit (green) or in loss (red). You can also hover your mouse over the ETH amount to see actual value.
- Activity Module Scrolling
now supports infinite scroll so you can see the entire history of each smart contract.
- Reveal Mechanics:
We’ve been working on our new reveal mechanic for over 2 months and we are excited to share that phase 1 is now live! We now reveal an entire collection automatically within 60 seconds without having to manually refresh the collection or each token, that’s for both old and new collections. Phase 2 will be available by the end of the month and it will support on-chain token updates in real time (e.g. when you update the Moonbirds on-chain background you’ll see the change instantly).
- Etherscan Deep Link:
You can now find the etherscan link of each collection under the Collection Info module.
As a reminder you can submit a bug report here or suggest a feature here.